RAM and Pol Tarrés announce the “Boundless” project, a strong heart partnership

KW Auto Team, 6th March, 2024

  • RAM Trucks Europe launches the 'Boundless' project, a journey through events and special adventures around Europe experienced by pushing towards new limits.
  • Pol Tarrés, Extreme Enduro Rider, will be RAM Trucks Europe Brand Ambassador in this project serving the common need for freedom: a journey consistent with the spirit of brand and champion.
  • For this project, RAM Trucks Europe provides Pol with an iconic RAM 1500 TRX Final Edition, which will be his travelling baseplate.
  • The promo video for this exciting series is on air, visible at this link


RAM Trucks Europe wants to redefine the limits and announces a partnership in the name of the free spirit and pure power that always distinguished the brand: the “Boundless” project will allow enthusiasts to experience unique emotions alongside the brand. With an exceptional testimonial: Pol Tarrés, Extreme Enduro Rider, will in fact be the RAM Trucks Europe Brand Ambassador for this incredible campaign across Europe.

As a rider I’m glad to be part of the Ram Trucks Europe’s family as Official Ambassador and have a RAM 1500 as a perfect companion for my training sessions and extreme challenges in 2024. Our special project together “Boundless by RAM” aims at showing how these vehicles are literally “built to serve” all my needs in terms of freedom, performance, reliability, robustness, and comfort in the toughest of my adventures, in all conditions and at all latitudes. Mark my words: it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be wild!” stated Pol Tarrés.


This partnership represents a great opportunity for Ram Trucks Europe to explore new communication territories, beyond traditional marketing: the Brand’s channels will leverage on a powerful mix of epic visual storytelling and innovative usage of an authentic and credible global-reach talent with millions of followers in his community. Our vehicles and their unique capabilities will be in the spotlight of all extreme expeditions and races that Pol will face in 2024, empowering his unstoppable spirit and the demanding everyday schedule of an Enduro Champion.” stated Luca Vernoli, Head of Marketing Communication RAM Trucks & Dodge for Enlarged Europe.

This special project will evolve into a storytelling format consistent with the DNA of the Brand: Ram Trucks are “Built to Serve” everyone's need for freedom, specifically designed and manufactured to tackle any kind of challenge. Going “boundless” is what they do best.

In the upcoming months, RAM Trucks Europe and its vehicles will accompany Pol Tarrés to different destinations around the world, always seeking new adrenaline adventures in exclusive sporting events, Hard Enduro races, camps, and expeditions in the toughest environments, such as deserts and volcanoes.

Pol Tarrés will utilize his RAM 1500 TRX Final Edition as an everyday operational base, transporting his powerful motorcycle on the vehicle's bed, making it a fully equipped motorhome for extreme sports. This collaboration will ensure constant visibility for RAM Trucks Europe through the production of high-end visual and storytelling content, with a perfectly integrated product placement.


2024 RAM 1500 TRX Final Edition

KW Auto and Ram Trucks Europe delivered an exclusive RAM 1500 TRX Final Edition to Pol Tarres for this challenging travel project. The top-of-the-range model is a perfect blend of the power, brutality and performance that always set the brand apart: powered by a 6.2 L Supercharged HEMI V8 engine with 702 hp, this legendary model comes in eight available colors, three of which are new to TRX: Delmonico Red Pearl Coat, Night Edge Blue and Harvest Sunrise. The RAM 1500 TRX Final Edition is equipped with high-performance 18-inch beadlock-capable wheels in the satin titanium color. It matches this high performance with a spacious, comfortable and safe interior that make the vehicle ideal for tackling any off-road adventure. The perfect travel partner for pushing the limits.


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