Celebrating Ida Zetterström's Triumph in the 2023 FIA European Drag Racing Championship with KW Group!

KWA Team, 14th September, 2023

In the final showdown, Zetterström stormed to a breathtaking 3.91 seconds to claim her third win of the season. Driving for RF Motorsport, Ida Zetterström clinched the FIA European title in what is only her second season in the quickest and fastest category of the championship. What's even more astounding is that throughout the entire season, Zetterström lost only one elimination round, showcasing her unparalleled consistency and dominance on the track.


This remarkable achievement not only highlights Ida's exceptional talent but also underscores the successful partnership between Ida and KW Group. Together, they have formed an unbeatable team that continues to rewrite the record books in the world of drag racing. KW Group's cutting-edge technology, combined with Ida's unmatched driving prowess, has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in this high-octane sport.


Ida Zetterström's journey to becoming the 2023 FIA European Drag Racing Champion has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her passion for racing and her relentless pursuit of perfection have made her an inspiration to fans worldwide. She embodies the spirit of a true champion, and we couldn't be prouder to have her as our brand ambassador.


As we raise our glasses in celebration, let us toast to Ida Zetterström's incredible achievement and the ongoing success of her partnership with KW Group. This victory is not just a win for them but also a win for all of us who have had the privilege of witnessing their remarkable journey.


Congratulations, Ida Zetterström, on this well-deserved championship win! Your dedication and determination continue to inspire us all, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible feats that lie ahead in your racing career.


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