KWA introduces the All-New 2019 RAM 1500 equipped with eTorque engine

KWA Team, September, 2019

KWA, -official Importer for Dodge and RAM vehicles-, satisfies dealers and customers demand of efficiency and performance, distributing in Europe the American pick up Ram 1500 with eTorque engine system.

10th September 2019. Klintberg & Way Automotive Sa, Official European Importer for Dodge and RAM vehicles from 2017, is affirming its presence through a widespread network of official dealers and now with a novelty. The Company announces the availability in Europe, from September 2019, of the All-New 2019 RAM 1500 equipped with eTorque engine, the unique mild hybrid system with regenerative braking also calling BSG. It’s the fulfillment of the RAM full improvements announced in occasion of the Detroit Auto Show, that promised a new generation of pick up featured by better fuel economy, more power boost, plus more payload, towing capacity and drivability.

The eTorque mild hybrid system is combined to standard 5.7L Hemi V8 engine and replaces the traditional alternator on the engine with a belt-driven motor generator unit that performs several functions. The motor generator unit works with a 48-volt battery pack to enable quick and seamless start/stop function, short-duration torque addition to the engine crankshaft in certain driving situations and brake energy regeneration, which improves responsiveness and efficiency. With the engine running, eTorque’s motor generator unit feeds 48-volt current to a 430 watt-hour lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC)-Graphite battery. The small-suitcase-sized, air-cooled battery pack mounts to the rear wall inside the Ram 1500’s cabin. In addition to spinning the engine for restarts, the eTorque unit also recaptures energy during deceleration and braking to feed charge to the battery pack.

In other words, the effect of the eTorque system is “touchable” when the gas engines are at low speed, between idle and 1,500 rpm delivering additional torque of 176 Nm. The hybrid system broadens the torque band as opposed to adding to peak torque available. Adding torque down low helps get heavy loads moving from a standstill, immediate power reaction and takes stress off the powertrain.
This exceptional performance is combined with a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by circa 10%.

The mild hybrid system fits with LPG system, a solution provided and installed from the importer through its tech-department KWA Technology Center in Bremerhaven.

The All-New 2019 RAM 1500 with eTorque engine is available now in all official KWA European Network, exclusively on board of the trims Rebel, Laramie and Limited.
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